June 2022

A quarterly publication dedicated to sharing untold stories from our favorite muses and creators.

Letter from the Editor-In-Chief
Ally Bruschi

The thematic landscape of revival is vast.

A revival can feel deeply rooted and personal, like an emotional re-birth; or it can feel subtle and playful, like a vibe shift (if the culture pubs are to be believed).

In this issue, our two contributors—Bahamian poet and essayist Bernard Ferguson and Australian designer and photographer Hamish Smyth—explore this theme across two different mediums: poetry and photography. Together, the two formats present a multifaceted look at why a periodic deep reflection and reset is necessary for the world, and the self.

Let’s not be afraid to break things down, and rebuild again.


at last rationing the blue
Bernard Ferguson

About Bernard Ferguson

Bernard Ferguson (they/them) is a Bahamian poet, essayist, and educator whose work has been featured, published or is forthcoming in The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, VICE News, The Paris Review, The Georgia Review, and elsewhere. They are currently working on a book of nonfiction, The Climate Sirens (Graywolf, 2024), about Hurricane Dorian and the effects of climate change on Small-Island Developing States across the world.

Long Island, The Bahamas, 2021
Hamish Smyth

Ektar 100,
Mamiya 6

Medium format,
6 × 6

About Hamish Smyth

Hamish Smyth (he/him) is a designer and (occasional) photographer, originally from rural South Australia. He grew up around his father and grandfather—both avid amateur photographers with darkrooms in their sheds—soaking up the art and science of photography (and probably a few too many chemicals). He began his design career at Pentagram and is the co-founder of publishing imprint Standards Manual, design office Order, and most recently Standards, a digital brand guidelines design tool.

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