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    An unconventional comms+ agency for exceptional companies.


    We have four core values that guide everything we do.



    To us, it’s personal. Whether you’re a client, a journalist, or part of the Daly team, we spend time getting to the heart of who you are. It’s how we find genuine connections between our clients and the communities and conversations they belong in.


    Delivering under pressure is the only way anything gets done today, and we embrace the challenge. We hustle as hard as our clients to reach our collective goals.


    Whether it’s with a client, journalist, or audience, we do everything with an eye towards clear communication and true transparency. It’s where the most powerful stories, ideas, and relationships are born.


    Knowing when and how to pivot is the secret to our comms success. We constantly develop new angles, stories, and communities to talk to—plus new ways to talk to them.


    We reach far beyond the standard PR playbook to make a sustained impact (plus, some magic) with our clients.


    Smoke and mirrors approach

    Deliverables-driven transparency

    One big media blast

    Personalized press pitches

    Trendy copywriting

    Long-lasting messaging

    Recycled influencer lists

    Researched, engaged partners

    Waits for news cycles

    Creating newsworthy moments

    Blitz of excitement

    Unstoppable momentum


    Our team comes from a wide range of professional backgrounds including film, crowdfunding, publishing, social media, and journalism—which means we understand what makes a good story, a good pitch, and good comms. And in today’s world of saturated media, that makes all the difference.

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    New York Times

    “Female-run businesses want to bring audio porn to the imaginative, ethically conscious masses”

    The Cut

    “Self care shouldn’t be the end goal”
    Girls’ Night In

    “Cook all of your favorite dishes”

    “A 10-mile linear park connecting some of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Miami”
    The Underline

    “Founded on the principles of using recycled materials”

    “Infinite Objects saw a huge opportunity”
    Infinite Objects

    “How Girls’ Night In launched its new online community”
    Girls’ Night In

    How the pandemic has changed dating … for the better”

    “It hits the spot for many women”

    The New Yorker

    “Her work, consistent with her upbringing, brings a tactile feel to computer code”
    Giorgia Lupi, Pentagram

    The pages cover everything from culture to politics, sex to style, all seen through a feminine lens”

    “For the best insight into what wines will be most popular this year, we went straight to the source: Ian Cauble”

    WSJ. Magazine

    “Which titles helped entrepreneurs in the startup field?”
    Girls’ Night In

    “The new Playgirl was an immediate success”

    “Brevite used TikTok’s comment response feature to drive a 200% lift in sales”

    “A budget-friendly sommelier experience”

    WSJ. Magazine

    “A product that chefs around the world find more exciting than what’s typically available on the market”

    Into the Gloss

    “Designers have the most organized beauty stash”
    Natasha Jen, Pentagram


    “A bonafide social media movement”
    Subway Book Review


    “One of the first brands to stoke the upcycling craze”

    Vanity Fair

    “Turning old graphic design manuals into Kickstarter blockbusters”
    Standards Manual

    “Order someone, or yourself, a six-pack of wines hand-picked by the master somm himself”

    Otis, a purveyor of ‘cultural assets’.

    San Francisco Chronicle

    “Therapy’s new look”
    Two Chairs

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    + show three more

    The Daly Ripple Effect

    Success demands more than a buzzy launch moment or a single media blitz. We build long-term, dynamic strategies that create unstoppable momentum over time. See the results of our sustained impact at work.


    The Daly Ripple Effect


    Culture reigns supreme at Daly.

    As a culture-driven consultancy, the diverse perspectives and lived experiences of our teammates are what allow our clients to succeed. So, we do everything in our power to make Daly a place where remarkable people genuinely love to work.

    Robust benefits, profit-sharing, flexible work, and a high-trust environment are a few of the ways we protect our #1 superpower: our team.

    If you’re interested in coming aboard, say hello at join@daly.nyc

    The Daly News

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