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    Daly updates!

    • Daly is an Inc‘s Best Workplace of 2023!
    • Daly landed The PR Net 100 list!
    • The Brand Identity highlights how Daly is reinventing PR
    • You heard it here first: PR is dead, comms+ forever :)
    • The Daly News unveils Issue 12
    • Check out our Q2 2023 playlist
    • Comms Director Hailey is a Business Insider Rising PR Star!
    • Founder Alex chats with The Malin Journal about rethinking PR

    An unconventional comms+ agency for exceptional companies.


    We have four core values that guide everything we do.



    To us, it’s personal. Whether you’re a client, a journalist, or part of the Daly team, we spend time getting to the heart of who you are. It’s how we find genuine connections between our clients and the communities and conversations they belong in.


    Delivering under pressure is the only way anything gets done today, and we embrace the challenge. We hustle as hard as our clients to reach our collective goals.


    Whether it’s with a client, journalist, or audience, we do everything with an eye towards clear communication and true transparency. It’s where the most powerful stories, ideas, and relationships are born.


    Knowing when and how to pivot is the secret to our comms success. We constantly develop new angles, stories, and communities to talk to—plus new ways to talk to them.


    We reach far beyond the standard PR playbook to make a sustained impact (plus, some magic) with our clients.


    Smoke and mirrors approach

    Deliverables-driven transparency

    One big media blast

    Personalized press pitches

    Trendy copywriting

    Long-lasting messaging

    Recycled influencer lists

    Researched, engaged partners

    Waits for news cycles

    Creates newsworthy moments

    Blitz of excitement

    Unstoppable momentum


    Our team comes from a wide range of professional backgrounds including film, crowdfunding, publishing, social media, and journalism—which means we understand what makes a good story, a good pitch, and good comms. And in today’s world of saturated media, that makes all the difference.

    Select Clients

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    “There’s no better agency to work with than Daly, period. If you are looking for a 360 strategy, you won’t find a smarter group than them.”

    –⁠Stacy London, Menopause Activist

    “I can say, without a doubt, that Daly prove their worth every day, and have made SommSelect shine in a whole new way.”

    –⁠Elyse Pomerantz, Senior Manager, Creative and Marketing, SommSelect

    “Daly are dependable and creative, an all around joy to work with, and have always felt like a natural extension of my in-house team.”

    –⁠Amy Williams, Former Global Communications Manager, Tinder

    “Working with Daly has been a perfect example of a true partnership, and their expertise has already made such an impact on our brand.”

    –⁠Aleah Feuerborn, PR & Influencer Manager, OLLY

    “Everyone knows the old ways of doing PR aren’t working. Only a few know what the future might hold. Daly is leading the way.”

    –⁠⁠Michael Bierut, Partner, Pentagram

    Select Client Clips

    “Then came a breakthrough”

    “Do you care for your brain as much as your abs?”

    The Cut

    “Self care shouldn’t be the end goal”
    Girls’ Night In

    Fast Company

    “Stacy London’s post-pandemic pivot was inspired by a mistake”
    State of Menopause

    New York Times

    “You can listen to it anywhere”

    “These ultra-comfortable sofas are (somehow) making recliners cool”

    “I wanted to dig in and see how to change the narrative”
    For Them

    “Cook all of your favorite dishes”
    Kana Cookware

    “Stacy London plans to demystify menopause”
    State Of Menopause


    “It’s a beautiful thing when two companies share the same DNA”

    “Cozy and sophisticated”

    “Drew Barrymore shares her must-haves”

    “You know the drill by now: If it’s Standards Manual, it’s sure to be beautifully designed”
    Standards Manual 

    “The horrors of moving furniture could soon be a distant memory”

    “The perfect throw-on-and-go shoe”

    “Brain supplements are having a moment”

    “A 10-mile linear park connecting some of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Miami”
    The Underline

    “Founded on the principles of using recycled materials”

    “An online community that’s garnered 4,500 people on the waitlist”
    Girls’ Night In

    How the pandemic has changed dating … for the better”

    The New Yorker

    “Data, humanity, shaking hands”

    “Wine trends you’ll be seeing everywhere”

    “OLLY wants users to stress less”

    “It’s about creating an alternative world”

    “If you’re a fashion girl who loves nature”

    “Sparking joy is at the heart of everything this bakery does”

    WSJ. Magazine

    “Why this vanilla is loved by Michelin-starred chefs”

    “Sexual wellness products for every comfort level”

    “A budget-friendly sommelier experience”


    “One of the first brands to stoke the upcycling craze”

    “Order a six-pack of wines hand-picked by the master somm himself”

    Otis, a purveyor of cultural assets

    San Francisco Chronicle

    “Therapy’s new look”
    Two Chairs

    + show six more

    + show three more

    The Daly Ripple Effect

    Success demands more than a buzzy launch moment or a single media blitz. We build long-term, dynamic strategies that create unstoppable momentum over time. See the results of our sustained impact at work.


    The Daly Ripple Effect


    Culture reigns supreme at Daly.

    As a culture-driven consultancy, the diverse perspectives and lived experiences of our teammates are what allow our clients to succeed. So, we do everything in our power to make Daly a place where remarkable people genuinely love to work.

    Robust benefits, profit-sharing, flexible work, and a high-trust environment are a few of the ways we protect our #1 superpower: our team.

    If you’re interested in coming aboard, say hello at join@daly.nyc

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