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Issue One: Bloom

Bloom provides a respite of color, warmth, and hope, as six contributors write, paint, and photograph their interpretations of blossoming at a time of overall stagnation.

Issue Two: Trip

Our five contributors both honored and acknowledged the current world moment, while also encouraging readers to think beyond the confines of their pandemic-induced social isolation, to the traveling joys of the past and future.

Issue Three: Home

Emily Sundberg takes a look at how her sense of home has shifted amidst a year of physical and emotional displacement.

Issue Four: Wait

Allison Davis reframes the idea of waiting, at a time when the days are long and the weeks are slow.

Issue Five: Open — Part I

In this two-part issue, Iman Hariri-Kia grants us a voyeuristic glimpse into (what could be) the tipping point of a relationship unique to our time.

Issue Five: Open — Part II

In Part II, Iman gives us a peak into the other side of the story.

Issue Six: Harvest

In this issue, three contributors contemplate what the change in seasons means for their kitchen tables; their livelihoods; their personal growth.

Issue Seven: Break

Writer and strategist Lee Tilghman explores what “Break” means to her through the lens of social media.

Issue Eight: Manifest

Illustrator and mental health advocate Jordan Sondler illustrates what reality she would like to “Manifest” as the weather warms and vibrant colors spring up all around us.

Issue Nine: Revival

Bahamian poet and essayist Bernard Ferguson and Australian designer and photographer Hamish Smyth explore the theme Revival across two different mediums: poetry and photography. Together, the two formats present a multifaceted look at why a periodic deep reflection and reset is necessary for the world, and the self.

Issue Ten: Trick

Part 1 of our tenth issue begins with a spirited trick from Aliza Abarbanel, who unveils all of the mischievous fun that mother nature can play on us (and vice versa). Aliza is a Brooklyn-based writer and the co-editor of Cake Zine. She’s a Pink Lady sun, Honeycrisp moon, Mutsu rising.

Issue Ten: Treat

For part 2 of our tenth issue, Natasha Pickowicz weighs in on the age old debate: sweet or savory? Natasha is a NYC-based chef and writer whose pastry work explores the relationship between baking and social justice.

Issue Eleven: Après

Writer, historian, and cocktail creative Al Culliton explores “Après” with a refreshing expedition through four delicious bottles of amaro from the Italian Alps.

Our next issue,
Après, is now live.

February 2022