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Issue One: Bloom

Bloom provides a respite of color, warmth, and hope, as six contributors write, paint, and photograph their interpretations of blossoming at a time of overall stagnation.

Issue Two: Trip

Our five contributors both honored and acknowledged the current world moment, while also encouraging readers to think beyond the confines of their pandemic-induced social isolation, to the traveling joys of the past and future.

Issue Three: Home

Emily Sundberg takes a look at how her sense of home has shifted amidst a year of physical and emotional displacement.

Issue Four: Wait

Allison Davis reframes the idea of waiting, at a time when the days are long and the weeks are slow.

Issue Five: Open — Part I

In this two-part issue, Iman Hariri-Kia grants us a voyeuristic glimpse into (what could be) the tipping point of a relationship unique to our time.

Issue Five: Open — Part II

In Part II, Iman gives us a peak into the other side of the story.

Issue Six: Harvest

In this issue, three contributors contemplate what the change in seasons means for their kitchen tables; their livelihoods; their personal growth.

Issue Seven: Break

Writer and strategist Lee Tilghman explores what “Break” means to her through the lens of social media.

Issue Eight: Manifest

Illustrator and mental health advocate Jordan Sondler illustrates what reality she would like to “Manifest” as the weather warms and vibrant colors spring up all around us.

Our next issue,
Manifest, is now live.

March 2022