August 2020

A quarterly publication dedicated to sharing untold stories from our favorite muses and creators.

In this issue, Jeff Zie’s Photography Saved My Life shows us that an unexpected, unplanned stop isn’t the end of the journey, and it’s all about capturing moments of stillness, like Sierra Rivers Hollister in Reflections in an Empty Lot.

But, for those of us who are hoping to move again, unrestricted, and untethered, Lucas Santos’ A Color Trip is a musing on sensory-driven trips past—the type of memories Postcards from Home and Delanique Millwood’s Destination: Phuket have us looking forward to.

Publisher’s Note
Alex Daly

Do you remember your first trip? Mine was to Mexico. I was 8 years old, and it was the first vacation my parents could afford, both time-wise and financially.

To be honest, I don’t remember a lot—but there are images and moments that still come to mind. Eating pancakes on the plane (how times have changed!). Being the first and last one in the pool. Getting sick from drinking the water, and watching Nickelodeon in the hotel room. The unbearable heat of the ruins. My scorching sunburn. Seeing my parents really happy.

It’s a strange time to be thinking about traveling, or even leaving our homes. But we are hoping this issue will inspire you to look back, fondly—and plan ahead.

Trip invites readers to think outside of the confines of our social isolation, and to let our minds wander—board a hypothetical plane, imbibe a magical psychedelic, pack an imaginary car—and go.

So, I want to leave you with this: Where will your next trip take you?

Photography Saved My Life
Jeff Zie

Over four years ago, I did six months in prison for marijuana charges. That third month in, I spent 28 days in solitary confinement. I promised myself that, once I got out, I’d make a living the right way, and finally pursue my love of photography.

I got out, and that’s exactly what I did.

I sold my car and bought everything I needed to put my all into photography. At first, I loved it. I was getting booked to cover big-time artists and paid to take portraits.

One day I came across a video by the entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, where he talks about the realities of being lost in your early 20s, and that it’s not the time to take the safe route.

That video inspired me to begin a couch-surfing photography tour around the country. I packed my bag, stuffed my pockets with $237, and took a one-way Greyhound to New York City. My mission was to couch-surf around the country for 6 months, but life happened, and all those months were spent in NYC.

I slept on couches, trains, and sometimes even the streets, just to capture moments and see where they would take me.

And then it happened. My camera broke.

I was confused, lost, and worst of all, I felt worthless without photography. I didn’t know who I was without a camera. To top it off, my parents kept asking what my next move was. I knew one thing: it was time to go home.

2017, back at square one: Charlotte, NC. I sat there night after night trying to figure out what it all meant. Then it all started to come together, and I began something new.

What I’ve learned in life is that the universe is always guiding us to tap into our full potential. The more open we are to change and re-inventing ourselves, the more signs we get that lead us to reaching it.

About Jeff Zie

Jeff Zie is the founder of Yoono—an app to build deeper connections with people through the books we love—and Books For The Wise—a community of over 50,000 book readers. He’s based in NYC, but Charlotte, NC is his home.

Reflections in an Empty Lot
Sierra Rivers Hollister

My ideal trip is somewhere green or vast that provides a sense of solitude and introspection, somewhere I can get lost. A hike, a stroll on a deserted road, sitting by a river. Watching cows graze from a field.

I spent an afternoon in an empty lot in Bed Stuy, dressed in clothing and accessories I had designed to appease my wanderlust. I stayed there until dusk when the fireflies started to dance and the mosquitos darted aggressively around my ankles. I celebrated being still.

The skirt was inspired by a topographic map of Yosemite, and the top was inspired by traditional Victorian fashions—specifically the character Lucy Westenra from Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

In Dracula, Lucy’s soul is cursed with immortality—a curse, which feels not unlike the required isolation and static existence that has come with our new reality in 2020.

My creative outlets—making clothing and jewelry, photography—have kept me inspired throughout this pandemic. Every day can be a trip, even if that trip is a meditation on abandoned property next door, overgrown with foliage.

About Sierra Rovers Hollister

Sierra Rivers Hollister is a multimedia artist that specializes in fiber and video work. She is based in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, and sells jewelry and accessories on her Instagram page: @cameo_goth_goods

A Color Trip
Lucas Santos

Colors often remind me of specific moments from past trips.

Yellows, oranges, and reds remind me of beach sunsets in Ipanema; multi-colored stucco building facades in small towns throughout Lake Como; driving through upstate New York and Vermont during changing seasons; Parisian winters when cafés turn on their heat lamps.

Greens, blues, and purples remind me of the lush vegetation and gardens of Mauritius; a hidden cove in Bermuda during the peak afternoon sun; mornings in the Maldives; doing nothing in Capri. The types of trips I plan ahead and look forward to all year.

About Lucas Santos

Lucas Santos is a brand marketer and creative producer by profession, and a travel photographer and explorer by passion. While he may not be traveling right now, he is actively planning his next trip back out into the world.

Postcards from Home
Usted and The Choices We Make

Postcards from Home” is a collaborative project by Barcelona-based creative agency Usted, which uses postcards as a way for a variety of creators and artists to explore their innermost thoughts. It is beauty, inspiration, and poetry as an antidote to uncertainty and boredom.

About Postcards from Home

“Postcards from Home” was featured in The Choices We Make, a book created by Héctor Ayuso and Nathalie Koutia, and self-published by OFFF Festival during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Destination: Phuket
Delanique Millwood

With today’s new normal comes a new way to vacation. Whether that’s opting for a local road trip rather than exploring your dream vacation, or simply pinning a moodboard for when we are ready to globetrot again, it’s always a good time to daydream.

Today, we are virtually landing in Phuket, Thailand.

A tropical postcard-perfect destination located in Southeast Asia, Phuket is filled with lush greenery, surreal beaches, and the most appetizing fresh food (think: fresh mango juice, vibrant curry, and wild caught seafood). The culinary experience alone will confirm that your local Thai take-out spot back home is only a small taste of Thailand.

Stay in hillside treehouse villas with rainforest views at Keemala. Wake up at sunrise and enjoy a relaxing bath under the morning sun. Then spend a day discovering the surrounding islands of Phi Phi, Koh Khai Nok, and Koh Yao Yai, and Koh Yao Noi.

But what to pack?

A lush destination inspired wardrobe should start and end with versatile, lightweight pieces, from a honeysuckle dress to your favorite body hugging swimwear, and everything in between.

Australian brand, With Jean, designs la dolce vita-style dresses like their versatile, soft The Dolce Dress for an all day adventure.

Everyday, especially on beach days, shield your skin with Unsun Everyday tinted face sunscreen. Swap out your matcha latte for Riot Swim’s curve-hugging Matcha One Piece—which can double as a chic, yet comfortable beachside dinner outfit when paired with high rise linen pants.

To finish off your look, the best transitional piece is your day-to-night, perfect for any occasion bag. Also inspired by the sweet life, namely in Colombia, Americae’s raw emerald bag was crafted with the modern day woman in mind.

About Delanique Millwood

Delanique Millwood is a skincare expert, lifestyle advocate, and the founder of Skintellect, a skin-always destination, launching soon.

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